Biking with Bea


Our days in New York our numbered. Back in college, we have this thing called senior syndrome, which makes you want to do everything you can only do as a college student months and days before college. We both realized that we barely have 4 months left in New York (well, depending on how certain things will turn out. ) I wanted to start checking things off my list of things to do in New York and Bea had a groupon for a 4 hour bike ride around Central Park.

So this happened.


Check out the rest of the pictures below.

Central Park has so many statues lying around.

Outside CP, the rest of Manhattan.

Shiny vest for biking, why not!

Lots of interesting folks in NYC.

Man, those things are expensive. It's 50 USD for the first 20 minutes!

It was also a beautiful day for biking.

We bought a blanket since we can't bike at the same time, one would need a place to hang out in.

If I lived nearer, I'd do this too!

I'd want to this! 

Rented bike.

So many people hanging out.

Getting tanned and fried.

Bea in her yellow dress.

no judging.

Me in my purple sando. hahaha.

Thank you self-timer.

I think we're both awkward in front of the camera.

So it was hard taking a normal picture.

It was all just crazy faces.

Can't even explain.

Yes, I cropped myself from this picture because my face was too ridiculous for Bea's look. haha.

I think this is the most normal we got.

It was my turn to ride around the park.  Really love this bike. So easy to ride.

CP is just amazing.

Oh New Yorkers and your busy lives.



By the river.

Obviously, I made a lot of stops to take pictures, not realizing the biking lane was one way! I had to actually go around the entire park to get back to our spot. I was a little late. Sorry!

I was a little sunburned afterwards. But happy! yay!


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