Cape Point, South Africa


After having some play time with a seal (see blog entry here), we headed to Cape Point. It was an hour or so of van ride, which meant more nap time for me. Friends know that anytime you put me in a moving vehicle, I fall asleep. I can't help it. There was this time when I rode the back of a motorcycle and almost fell off because I doze off. But I digress.

Cape Point is utterly magnificent even in the cold of winter's tail. I maybe a little biased because anything besides the sea transforms into something magical for me. 

We saw a baboon, hiked up a mountain towards a light house, got caught in a storm and finally, saw a rainbow. I'd say that was a good trip.


Pictures below:

This is the view as we drove towards Cape Point.

Que Bella!

We saw this baboon as we were parking. We were warned not to get too close because they have a tendency to be over protective of their offsprings and go wild.

But we could get closer to this statue version.

Of course, there was a souvenir shop.

I would've wanted to buy a lot of things for the apartment, but I'm essentially a nomad who doesn't know where he'll be in the next 4 months. 

But I would really love to have this chess piece in my apartment.

Outside, the sea beckoned.




WCB/Andrew, who kept complaining he didn't have enough pictures in my camera.

Here you go buddy!


Me and my ridiculous face and even more ridiculous hair.

Cliquish Pinoy Pic.

Trying to do the Pinoy thing we do when we have our pictures taken. I don't really know why. Maybe to emphasize our smiles?

with some of my Ipeeps.


I surrender!

Sean and Pei.

All girls.

All Nikko.

Then we climbed some more.

Yari's instruction: Only take beautiful pictures of me, alright?

I love light houses. i think I've sketched and wrote about them more than anything else.

See how strong the wind was.

Oh New York. I never imagined I'd miss you this much.

Below was this awesome view.

I had to get down quickly because in the horizon a storm was fast approaching. I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet because the last time that happened it wouldn't work for a week. And at this time I had 3 weeks worth of trips left.

So I hung out in another souvenir shop wishing I was young enough to buy these animals.

Outside, the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared.

And began to disappear just as quickly.

It turns out everyone else got stuck in the eye of the storm up the light house. 

Everyone was grateful to be alive albeit a little wet. 

Next stop: Cape of Good Hope!


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