IPED Welcome Party Part 1


I finally moved in with Heather and Mahwish. It's farther than my old one, but I couldn't be happier. So far it's been smooth sailing. But we'll see in the coming days if WWW III breaks out. We jokingly told everyone last semester that we'd throw the first party of the semester. The joke caught on and I found myself putting up Christmas lights and buying beer. 

This party was pretty tame. If by tame you mean people getting s*** faced drunk. It was also an awesome way to get to know the new Ipeeps (who know, this might catch on this time around.) Here's part one when everyone was still sober and self aware. 


Setting up for the partee.

Tara  got there before everyone else to help us set up. Yay!

I love Heather's balls.

Newly weds. Brittany and Anghel were there too!

More of Heather's balls.

Mahwish and Heather baked some cupcakes.

I miss Christmas in the Philippines where this time of the year, everyone's already in a festive mood, singing carols.

Dr. S was also there.

Yari came and brought some flan!

Sober Heather.




I wonder what Yari was describing here.

Bea and Liz.

It became hard to take pictures because there were so many people.

Ramon and Liz

Andrew and Juliet (? Sorry, bad with names)

Donna and Mahwish.

Bea and Tony.

I think someone took my camera and just started taking random photos.

Just as well. At least I got to be in some of the pictures.

Kristan enjoying some of the chips.

Kristan still enjoying some chips.

Karen with Dr. S.

John Bo was there! Which is amazing considering he never attends these things.


Watch out for the next post when everything just goes down hill. or up hill. whichever way you want to see it. haha


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