IPED Welcome Parteee 2

The party continued and everyone just kept bringing beer, brandy, vodka and tequila. Let's play a game. Guess who's drunk and who's not.
In behalf of my room mates, thanks to everyone who came! And to all the first years, welcome to IPED!!

Here are the pictures!

Hello Johnbo!

Guess who.

with Peter and Donna.

Mahwish looking very summery.

Hello Brie.

What's up Heather?

With my awesome roomates!

Sorry Heather's forehead!

Heather and Peter.

Bea and Yari!

Name this South African instrument.

Mahwish on the dance floor.

Yuichi, Xiaoli and Michelle!

Bea and Tara.

Bronx next top models.

Bye Brittany!
Dr. s decided to take some rest.


Asians unite!


Liz and Heather!

I guess the alcohol started kicking in.

Call me maybe?

Sidebar! where we discussed some very important matters


With Yari!

Yari, I'm sorry about your legs.

Bea got her groove back.

Math majors!
Circle of love.

First year dudes playing DJ.

Cameron finally arrived.
Cameron straight from a date.

As the night wore on, people got closer.

The aftermath.


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