Chuck E Cheese with the nieces

First off, I didn't know it was spelled as Chuck E Cheese until i googled it today. You learn new things everyday huh? So the girls and I went to Chuck E. Cheese so their mom could have some relaxing time. Sadly after this trip Kylie fell and broke her arm. She's fine though and braving it all out. 

Had a great time at Chuck's. I'd like to see go head to head with Jollibee. hehe.

Dr. Kylie trying to revive her dying dog.

After I ran out of ideas to entertain the girls I pretended to be sick and dying. And there comes the mickey stethoscope.

Now doggie's all back to normal. And everytime the girls get bore and begin to be rowdy I just pretend to be sick and they pretend to be doctors. That keeps them distracted for a good 3 minutes. haha.

We went to Chuck E Cheese.

They first rode a pink pumpkin carriage driven by a frog and they felt like princesses. Ah childhood.

Then they rode a carousel. Which moved really really slowly. The kids were in more danger of falling asleep while on this ride.

Sister hug! What I love about these girls is how affectionate they can be. You can always hear them saying I love you each other.

5 minutes later World War 3 erupts of course. But that's how kids are, they're exactly like...adults!

Can you spot the adult in this picture?

No? Me neither.

Guess who they saw that got them all excited?

The rat himself of course!

And his whole band of bird, dog, chef and something purple!

These pictures were taken by ALyza.

Jeez, these robotic mascots give me the creeps.

Carousel Part 2!

Kylie loved this slide. She slid through this thing like 50 times.


Alyza hanged out a more grown up jungle gym.

There's kylie sliding...

Still at it huh?

This thing goes up as you pedal. See how she can't reach the pedal yet?

Guess who did the pedaling for her? hahaha.

Good times. I wasn't able to go home to NJ for the weekend. Miss the girls and Filipino food! hehe.


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