MOMA with the Hernandez Family/ OMG I saw a Van Gogh, Monet and Gaugin in one day!

 I got a chance to visit the MOMA with the Hernandez family. The MOMA is free on Fridays! Of course there were tons of people and I barely had a moment to have a moment with my favorite art works. But still it was wonderful! I got separated from teh family because I had to pee. haha. So I was alone for the first half of the tour. Enjoy!

This is after all the Museum of Modern Art.

Modern art, and modern times in general, are known to question long held beliefs and tradition.
Thus the experimentation with mixed media.

I'd like to have one at home. But can you just imagine the electric bill?

Stars and eagle.

The view outside.

Statistics won't let me be!

Ewww (What an art critic! My teachers would be so proud :))

Apparently my handwriting can be exhibited too.

This one is amazing. Everyone just wanted to peer in or be sucked into it.


Paint brushes!

Man on the mirror.

Parang kalat lang. haha

It's a giant fan.
With a giant plug.

I found them!



Mel was there too!


This was the second guard to comment on how cute Francine is!


That's Franny's "I'm getting sucked into the wormhole" face :)

Copper and Silver Sh*t.



Snobs will probably pretend not to care and focus on least popular art works. I don't care. I could cry.

Like a scene from a telenovela!

Then we ate at an Indian place. 


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