hangin' out

Taken from a park right beside Erika's building.

The first few weeks before classes started was spent hanging out with people and reconnecting with family. It was also a time rediscover God's kindness in various ways and forms.

This was the rosary my lola held the night before she slipped into a coma, the last night I stayed beside her.

Buddy hanging out at the park with me.

Erika's neighborhood is the Manhattan we see on TV.

One night we had board games night. Guess who was competitive?haha.

 Erika's friends.

I want to get one for my room.

Half of the time I spend hanging out with family. That's Tita Medie and Kylie!

Hey Alyza!

You can see the exhaustion setting in.

Night little Kylie.

Night tita Medie. Ma, I'm gonna miss this couch. It was the bomb.


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