First IPED party


All the girls and the boys partied in the house. I don't know what I'm saying. Though my body thinks I'm too old for parties I do enjoy moments such as these when you get to make new friends. Here's to conquering econometrics and poverty! (Whut? I don't know. Ignore me and just scroll down.)

Minorities reprezzzent! kidding.

Heather and Brittany. We love Econometrics! yey!

Elizabeth and Megan.

Elizabeth drinking from a brown bag - like a homeless person. I'm just KIDDING :)

Katie and Fan.

It was a videoke party a.k.a my kind of party.

Go Megan!

There's Rrrramon looking very happy.

Pei came late but wasted no time singing. He sang a chinese song. Wooohooo!


There's a an accompanying video to this picture. I'm still debating with my conscience if I should post it.

Hey Mahwish!

Sisters from the east!

Hey SK and Moses! Where's Wally? hehe.

People hanging out in the kitchen.

Mike and Jonathan. Mike is half Filipino, half Schwalbenberg. haha. Never gets old

Donna! the party hostess.

The girls and Pei.

The beginning of laughter.

Ramon standing by the doorway.

People standing by the ref.

Still standing by the doorway.

heartfelt conversation.

Katie and me! She lent me her airbed because I am currently furnitureless.

Hello chest hair. Sorry.

Whaaatttuuupp Heather?!!

Too shy for the camera?

Cameron made it.

Pei and Ramon in deep conversation.

And that was that.


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