President's day.

The President of the Philippines was awarded an honorary degree.  I have opinions on that but that is not the point of this entry. The point is we couldn't have our picture taken with him. So we took pictures of ourselves instead. 

The one holdong the camera always has the biggest face in the picture.

Hey ipeders!

The program started promptly. 

The President was given an honorary degree. My opinion on the matter deserves another post.

We were sitting far away from the action.

I love that Dr. S was the only one wearing a barong.

We saw friends. Hey Noel!

Hey Franny!

And Leon!

Tita Dinky! (feeling close. haha.)

We couldn't get close enough to the President so we just took pictures of ourselves.

Hello Anne and Bea!

Close your mouth!

Of course he was mobbed. Some people travelled for hours just to see him.

IPED people with the Jesuits.

Bea with Dr. S

Ramon with Dr. S


As it turns out, Dr. S is the official IPED mascot.:)

Confession: I am more excited to have my picture taken with Dr. S than with the President

It's so Pinoy to have our picture taken in front of signs, banners etc.

We tried every possible combination.

I ate like a basket of these!!!!!

Somewhere along the way I lost my notebook. In search of it IP found the Hernandez family on the field.

Little Francine is at that age that she just wants to touch everything.

It was a cold, beautiful day.

Autumn is almost here.


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