Bea at the Botanical Gardens

Bea's sister is getting married and she wanted to do her engagement photos at the botanical garden. so we went and checked it out for here. It's so beautiful this time of the year. The trees are on fire . Winter is almost here, but for now the leaves are turning and there is beauty to be enjoyed.

Fordham looks great in the fall. I've never seen so many dried leaves before. 

Plus it was a good day.

My grandmother, who used to sweep the leaves off our backyard daily, would've had a heart attack if she saw this place.

Botanical clock.

Look at that orange.

The tiny artist in me wants to bring out his pastel crayons and start sketching.

At least Bea wore a floral top.

Figuring out her poses.

While I figure out the camera settings.

Oh sun, it's been such a long time since I last saw you like this. Beautiful and radiant. 

Bea practicing her shots.


Bea was actually tired. And getting sick I think.

But that didn't stop her from posing. haha.

I also lied down on the leaves. And this is the view from the ground.

Farewell sun.

Hello moon.

Last of the flowers. See you in Spring!

Bea was tired, it was dark and we called it a day.


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