IPEEPS (I have a feeling this is never gonna catch on) in Washington D.C. Part 1

IPED organized a field trip to DC for us. It was 2 days of meetings, tours, drinking, eating, getting to know each other and of course, photos.

Dr. S in the house!

SK and Pei!

Liz Lemon a.k.a Elisabeth!

Mike S.

Bea L.

Ramon a.k.a the new Donna of pictures.

Milk tea.

Princess Sarah and Denise.

IPED alumni.


IPED alumni who works in government offices. 

My lunch.



What did I tell you about the new Donna!

Liam's back.


Me in Megan's camera

While waiting for the meeting to start.

USAID people talking about their work. I'm glad their honest about how their work also contributes to promoting U.S.  interests in other countries.



Erin, the organizer.


I'm sorry, I'm really bad with names.

IPED baby.

Look at that face!

There's a picture before this that I can't post lest you find my dead, beautiful body in a ditch somewhere near Dealy.

Doing her thin face which I think is totally unnecessary.

Yes, he's really that red.


Magulo ang buhok pero bongga pa rin. haha.

Then we went to a nearby bar which seemed like a thousand mile away because of the cold, cold, cold night.

One of the rare times I'm actually in pictures.

Erin hates me. haha. I hope not. Please?

So with that awkward ending, we end here for now. Back to writing papers!


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