IPEEPS in Washington D.C. Part 2

The night continued in a weird, fun sort of way. Here it goes.


Matthew and beer.

Brittany looking surprised.

I have a thing for pretty chandeliers.




Bo. John Bo. or is it Beau? haha.

Then this happened. So you know exactly when the alcohol started kicking in.

Right Michelle?

Hey Elena!

Oh happy times.

America's next top models.

Hey Elizabeth.


I don't know why. I wish there was some logical explanation to this. Like aliens abducted people and did weird experiments with them then this happened. Yeah. That's exactly what happened.

Bo joined in.

I'm not even gonna try to explain this.

Some lifting happened.

It might help if you read this post with some alcohol.

Mike and Moses.


Hey Megan!

I'm not sure I took this one.

Brittany B.

The night ended with some of us getting stuck in the elevator.

That's my scared face. haha.

Michelle called someone and all was well.

We went here.

For some more meetings.

Lunch was terrible.

Thanks Dr. S!

Love the art work. I want one for my room.

More pics in part 2.


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