Cruise ship dinner

Because we have a reputation for being hard-core Catholics , we were invited to a dinner cruise in honor of a Cardinal. And here are the pictures when we mingled with the old rich.
Pinoys dressed up for the cold, cold autumn air.

Scarves - articles of clothing we will never wear in Manila. Unless you're really fashionable. Or gay.Or metrosexual. haha.

Pinoys in the house. Or on the train. Whichever.

Blurry. The train is moving and I don't have steady hands, so sue me.

Donna smiles through the blurriness.

Finally we reach the dock.

Laughing through the cold. 

Emily's ring.


There's our boat!

Tital Alma. Or as Dr. S calls her - "The Wife"

Dinner is served. I was gorssed out at first. Hello, whole, unchopped cabbage. But it's actually good.



The party was in honor of some priest. I'm sorry. I'm really bad with details. 

The people were so rich and classy. 

I could smell old money from where I was sitting. 

It was so classy we had opera singers for entertainment.

Donna's camera.

Outside was the view of the city.

Menu. I had the steak of course. Followed by a heart attack.

My steak.

Anne's salmon.

Then the Statue of Liberty came into view. And we went outside to die in the freezing night. also to take pictures. 

Dr. S and his camera. He loves taking pictures of people. 

Picture by the staircase.

Meet Jeremiah.

Oh the old rich.

Then it was time for dessert. Chocolate.

Cheese cake.

By the staircase, ala Titanic.

Trying out Anne's new glasses. 

Jeremiah sneaking up on Anne. Yes we took the centerpiece home. 

Donna doesn't have a lot of pictures because she was sitting beside me. Lesson of the night, don't sit beside the one hoilding the camera.


  1. So jealous!! You guys look like you had soooo much fun. what an awesome night. Maybe I should go to church more... hmmmmnnn... Lovely photographs, who took all the pictures, really beautiful!

  2. Hi Nomsa. Thanks! hahaha. I guess going to mass has its temporal rewards. haha. I took all the pictures. Thank you! - Nikko


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