IPEEPS(has it caught on yet?) in Washington D.C. Part 3

This is the last part of our D.C. trip. The craziness seemed to have been carried over to the museums. Here goes nothing.

We had a tour of the Senate.

Here's our tour guide and her cheekbones.

I have a thing for long hallways.

View from below.

They have a subway that goes from building to building made especially for VIPs.

This. is. the. best.part.EVER.

Meet Helen Keller.

They had statues of important people from each state.

Lady Liberty.

Old Supreme Court.

You put your hand here and you make a wish.

The capitol was inspired by ancient Roman Buildings. 

Those paintings represent the different parts of America's founding history.


Hey Sarah and SK.

Brittany listening to the whispers.

Matthew listening to the whispers.

Dr. S, Liam and Mike. Put your hands in your pockets guys, it's the in thing.

Father and son.

Then the sun began to set.

Sunsets are the easiest thing to shoot. They look beautiful whatever camera you use.

Picture in front of the capitol.

Dr. S is the best. He's like a dad to everyone. Even Mike.

Then it was time for solo pictures.


Shadowy Bea.





Brittany and Jakk.



The bus took another hour to arrive.

So I took pictures before the sun finally set.

Bea was cold. or a thief. 

It was so cold. So this happened.

Jump for body heat!

And then it was night.

Goodnight D.C.

Till next time.


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