steph + evan engagement photos

Steph and Evan is one of the funnest couples I know. Steph is the sister of Bea. She met Evan in New Zealand where she used to work as a nurse. It's so stress-free to shoot them because they're very game and seem genuinely in love with each other. It was a tiring day, but I had one of the best times taking photos. Thanks Steph and Evan!

The Botanical Garden is beautiful this time of the year. I could stay here for hours.

I found this wall of red leaves. It was perfect.

The Conservatory.

This was part of the warm up shots which is why the posing seemed awkward. Yet they still looked great together.

I am not a very good director. Thankfully, they didn't need a lot direction. They were naturally sweet to each other and that was enough.

Look at those trees!

Then we saw this field. 

More pictures to come. 


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