Jollibee/Pinoys in Manhattan

We missed home and craved for Jollibee so this happened.

This is Keating Hall in Fordham. This is also where I work. 

We rode the 4 train going to Grand Central.

Sunset, I haven't seen you in a long time.

People playing music everywhere. One of the few things I love about NY.

Oh, Jollibee. 


burger steak.

Spaghetti! Objectively there's nothing special about Jollibee food. It's a rip off of foreign fast food in many ways. But it reminds us of home, so none of that really matters. 

Hello Jollibee!

After Jollibee we went to Times Square. Just because.

Amazingly - Space!!!

I seriously love this red staircase.

Then we walked several blocks towards the Rockefeller center,

Hello 30 Rock.

Can't stop taking pictures of this beautifully lit building.

Lego store!

People ice skating. I'd wanna try this, but I don't think I'm ready to be embarrassed on ice yet. 

Then we saw this giant ass statue. The lighting, sadly, or happily whichever way you want it, makes the dude look like he has a giant...

I wanted to sit on his knees. haha. 

The lego store!

We also dropped by the apple store and called it a night.


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