Impromptu Beach Stop

Great trips don't have to be planned ahead of time. In my experience, the funnest trips I've had were those that were spontaneous. When we were invited to this wedding in Tagaytay, I had no inkling that we would be doing a side trip to the beach. But we did and it was fun in a way that we were just laughing most of the time. Bea, Nikki and Roel were so game for anything, we just found ourselves driving to the beach and getting our feet wet in the sand while still in out dress shirts and dresses. 

The sun was wonderfully cooperative that day.

So what are the rules to having a fun spontaneous trip? Really, there are no rules!! hahaha. Well may be except that it would be more awesome if you did it with friends. But if you were traveling all alone in some country and decided to go all spontaneous with people you just met last night over beers, then atleast be smart about it. Let someone know where you're going. 

So what are you waiting for? You have work tomorrow? Forget it! Just go ahead and take the wife on a an unplanned vacation to Timbuktu with nothing but your passport and the clothes on your back. 

What? You only have enough clothes for 3 days? Whatever. Just jump into the water! Close your eyes, hold your breath and start swimming!!

We drove early through the day.

Here's Bea and Nikki.

And here's Roel!

And there's Dino! our friend, the groom.

The wedding theme was supposed to be Philippines in the 1950's or something like that. Obviously we had no idea what to wear.

The church was really lovely.

The entourage. 

The church was sitting on top of a mountain, thus the gorgeous view outside.

The bride.

Nikki's cool shoes.

And there's Tala, their daughter. Tala means star.

So while waiting for the reception. We decided to take some pictures outside.

It was pretty tame at first.

Then it just started getting wild.

And weird.

And pretty.

Then weird again.

And fierce.

Roel wanted in on the action.

The wedding car.

This was sitting on our lunch plate. As it turns out, Dino used to bring the wife 3 bars of chocnut every day when he was courting her.

We ate at this wonderful restaurant called Sonia's garden.

Love that the wedding was so Filipino.

Fride sweet potato with caramelized sugar.


The couple just looked so happy.

Wedding give aways!
Before you know it, we were at the beach.

Just as the sun was setting.

Nikki's feet.

And we just went wild!!!

I dunno.

I'm a little embarrassed for myself.

Then it was time to leave.

In the horizon, the sun said goodbye.


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