Happy Sabsday. nyahahaha.

I'm posting this set here just because it's so happy. And we need every bit of happiness we can get. This was taken in U.P. Diliman and Intramuros. The shots where we're together was done via timer. Sabrina is a good friend and is very famous! haha. She's a public high school teacher. Seriously, she's the bomb (what? no one uses that word anymore? Get out of here.) Don't believe me? Read here:http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/69259/making-a-difference-50-students-at-a-time

And please visit Intramuros and the area around it. It's such a cheap and fun way to entertain yourself and get educated at the same time :)

And now for the pictures.

We had fishballs first in U.P.

Then some jumpshot.

Hello phone and lens cover. 

Warming up.

Love the dress. 

Sabs has this strange connection with random folks. Like the manong who owned this kalesa. She let him ride for free. 

The camera takes better pictures without me behind it. 

Miss you sabs!


I'm sorry.

See how great Intramuros looks like? There are horses everywhere!

Love the old bricks.

Playground! I used to be afraid of this one when I was a kid.

BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I die. 

I love bubbles. 

Did I tell you? I love bubbles!



Then it was night. 


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