Bea in Boston Part 1

Boston is, I think, next to Manila and New York, my favorite city. Sometimes, I think I like it even more than New York because it has all the convenience of a city but in a package that's small enough to be tranquil and stress-free. Thus I was very happy to be back in Boston for a third time, this time with Bea, who was on vacation from her amazing work in Kenya.

As with other blog posts, don't expect any of the pictures to be in any sort of order. Life is random! and so is this blog. 

We started by exploring the seven mile walk. It's essentially a seven mile (duh) strip of brick stone that goes through all the important historical sites in the city. Here is Bea, taking her first historical step on the brick road.

The first site was this cemetery for famous historical figures. I do not know much about American history so there. This is just the beginning of Chris's, uhm, "amazing" poses. More to come. 

Hello Donna.

Donna and Leilanee.

Samuel Adams. We should've brought a beer.

I love taking these shots because it always reminds me of scenes from TV shows, like Sex and the City, of people walking down city streets.

By now, you should realize that Chris does not simply smile and say cheese at the camera.

This is King's chapel. I think. It's pretty though!

We went to Fenuil Hall. It was still pretty chilly. 

The gang in front of Quincy Market. Thanks Becca Balls (long story) for hosting us at your super nice apartment.

And yes I decided to wear a tie. Some days, I just feel like dressing up a bit.

Bea and Annie!

I love Christmas and I love Bea, so perfect!

They decided to separate from us since they've already seen the spots we were visiting. But we saw them again after a few minutes. Took a photo before we let them go. 

Hello Elmo. And Cookie Monster.

By Christopher Columbus Park.

Spot the photobomber.


Obviously, see you at Part 2. and maybe 3.


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