Bea in Boston Part 2!

I felt that this particular trip to Boston was a little bit more relaxed since we've already seen most of the tourist places and there was no pressure to run around and see everything. Bea is also a good travel companion because she's very chill and just wanted to walk around the city.
So the fun continues!

Part 1 is HERE

I think this was our first stop when we arrived in Boston. Ice Cream near BC! 

So yummy.

I think this is where I left of in my last blog post.

Chris and Annie doing it better than the couple behind them.

See, this is why I love Boston. It's so easy to walk by the river. It's very calm. Here, it takes so much effort to go see the Hudson, which is right by the highway anyway.

Gang's here.

This is what I plan to look like when I'm older.

Chris found his picture as a child.


Oh Chris. Never change.

It was a bit gloomy but still pretty.

Wait for it...

And there it is!

Your wedding pictures will look amazing. haha.

Chris riding a cannon. just because.


Love this view of the city!

Here I am looking like the grumpy, outcast sibling. haha.

Stopped by my favorite vintage bookstore in Boston.

Might also be the only vintage bookstore I know in Boston. haha. 

Walked around the park.

People who can't wait for the cold to end.

Saw this fabulous man! Words are not enough!


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