Zsazsa in NYC

These days I've been blessed with friends visiting from everywhere. Someone up there must know that I'm homesick and Jollibee is no longer enough of a cure. This time, Zsazsa dropped by! She was my co-worker at Pathways to Higher Education. It's this great non-profit organization that helps marginalized but deserving kids get access to quality higher education. I haven't seen Zsa in over seven years. She's been in Philadelphia for over two years and it's only now that we've had time to finally meet up. Why it took us so long is a wonder to me because this visit just made me remember how much fun hanging out back then. We ended up visiting the Bronx Botanic Garden which is pretty all year around. 

Sasssy girl Zsazsa! Her style has always been amazing.

Every school has Compliments page where students can compliment anyone on Facebook. Fordham took it up a notch by publishing one for every graduating senior!

It was the day after graduation. There's something very pretty and haunting about the field with folded chairs scattered about.

In front of Keating Hall!

Obviously, these pictures are in no particular order. Here's Doris!

At some point we also had lunch at Minado, an all you can eat Japanese restaurant in NJ.

Why I insist on blogging about food in the middle of the night is a mystery to me.

God, green tea and vanilla ice cream.

Hey gurrrl.

Water with lemon. Although I read somewhere that this is unsanitary.

And finally the Botanical garden. Fresh herb plans! I put basil on everything so I might buy one one of these days.

The Garden is right by Fordham and students can come in for free! So yay!

So much prettiness!

I can't even!

I took a picture of this plant because it reminded me of Fr. Nemesio Que in Ateneo. I know, totally random.

Prerfect day for pictures.


Of course! Obligatory picture together. 

More to come!


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