Ma'am Rica in America Part 1

Ms. Rica Bolipata-Santos comes from a line of very famous artists in the Philippines. Today she is one of the most important writers/essayists and is head of the Ateneo University Press(naks!) But for many years she had always been Ms. Rica, my teacher. She was my very first teacher in Ateneo and, being a boy from the province who wrote nothing but cheesy love letters in high school,  I owe much of the confidence I gained, and badly needed, throughout my college life, to her. She wasn't just a teacher of English, she was a teacher of life. And this is why I probably took 18 units with her, because it was from her that I gained so much passion, not just for literature, but for living. The kind of living, which rests on arms that reach out to the highest of heavens and the lowest of earths, arms that unfold to embrace and welcome but also fold to rest and protect. 

Living in the moment, living for the moment. 

So imagine my excitement when she told me she was coming to NYC. She brought with her a suitcase full of memories and insights. And silliness, of course. Lots of fun, senseless, meaningful silliness! And also her wonderful sister, the oh so talented, Ms. Plet Bolipata-Borlongan.

We picked them up from the airport and welcomed them with flowers and the most excited of hearts!

As with other blog posts, this one is in no particular order. Ma'am introduced as to Cafe Lalo where the movie You've Got Mail was apparently shot. It was also home to these yummy cheesecakes!

Ordered some fruit flower lemonade because I didn't know what it was.

We had apple pie.

Our new favorite spot in the city.

What a lovely summer day. And yes, I think the city just decided to skip Spring and go straight to Summer.

We walked around Central Park for a bit.

Ms. Plet was reminiscing their younger days in the City and so had some pretzel.

Bad idea to do this post at this hour because I'm now craving for Pretzel.

Passed by the Museum of Natural History.

We took photos in front of the hotel, where John Lennon was shot to death.

The light was lovely.


Some guy skateboarded through the flowers and this guy was awesome enough to rearrange them. Kindness in the most unexpected of moments.

Walked around some more.

Stopped by a nice furniture shop.

And then we ate some yummy Indian food for dinner.

Lord, why am I doing this post now.

And then we walked around some more with their lovely cousin, Marie.

I've always been fascinated by how lovely this building is.

So we took pictures in front of it.


And that was that for now. :)


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