MET MUSEUM with Ma'am Rica

I've been to the MET Museum almost ten times and I don't think I've seen everything there is to see. It's huge. It's one of the few things that make me a little jealous of Americans and their first world money. And so I was glad when Ma'am Rica said she wanted to see the MET again. We looked at the Egyptian exhibit and ALMOST bought jewelry.

First part is HERE by the way.

This made me miss Egypt even more. Egypt was turbulent, dusty and confusing but it was also beautiful . And yes, my shirt has a drunk panda on a hipster giraffe.

Ma'am Rica's look of wonder.

I remember how the Egyptian Museum had so much artifact that they were literally on the floor without any sort of casing or protection.

To cleanse our palate, we saw a special exhibit of clothes by Charles James. 

It's hard to explain, but the exhibit was brilliant. James's art was articulated in how he manipulates structure in his dresses to achieve shapes that are in themselves beautiful. The exhibit made this easier to understand by heaving computers scan through parts of the dresses while a monitor explains how it was made and what it meant in the overall effect of the dress.

I took this picture before I realized that we weren't supposed to. So lucky me!

Hat collection!

Baby clothes!

And then back to Egypt!

The exhibit was lit very beautifully.

Just wanted to make sure I had proof that we were together!

Selfie time!

Happy girl at the MET.

The MET lobby itself is very pretty. 

And now the Greeks.

NYC snow globe :)

Ma'am tried on some jewelry.

Those earrings looked great!

But these was the clear winner.

One last shot before...

SHAKE SHACK. My poor arteries.

And back to Cafe Lalo we went.

For some coffee.



And plain old laughter.

More to come!


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