Missing Winter

I know I spent the last few months complaining about how cold it was and here I am posting about missing winter. But can you blame this boy from the tropics where it's always sunny and warm even when it's raining. Man, has it been hot or what. It really is the city of extremes when it comes to weather. 

I found these pictures lying around in my hard drive. It's also been a while since I've seen most of these people and these pictures are a good reminder of how it can be to hang out with them.  The day started with me meeting Chinno and Kathy in Grand Central. I haven't seen Chinno in 10 years so that was awesome. 

And then I had lunch with Aisa, Annie and Chuckie then met up with Neil in Central Park just to roll around in the snow! I keep forgetting to make snow angels! Warning, long post ahead.

Not fake laughing, of course!

It was nice to catch up with Chinno after all this time. He has changed and he hasn't changed, if that makes sense.

It was nice to meet Kathy too! And love Chinno's bag. I want one!

Chinno, always searching for love and then some. :)

And then Central Park!

Hello Annie!

The Titanic pose happened.

Who knows why.

And then there was Aisa!

Aisa with her fab new hair!

And then Neil!

Chuck is like an eagle with wings always spread wide. Spread eagle. haha. I'm such a dork.

Mich was away so we entertained Neil.

LOL! Neil, you have to practice your poses! These guys are experts.

Best pals.

Yes, I'm wearing a tie.  Because I can!

Strutting fiercely.


In the horizon, the sun begins to set.

Snow is the only saving grace of winter as far as I'm concerned.


I think snow just brings out the inner child in everyone.

See! And yes, Annie and Chris deserve each other. Photobomb!



Death scene.

Yes, Chuch showing his, uhm, eating prowess.

Hey Neil!

Reminds me of Mojako.

Hey it's me!

I love Central Park because it's always nice to see so many people.

And so many kids having fun!


By now you should know that taking pictures was the purpose of this entire trip.


Let me know if you want this removed! :P

Neil taking awesome photos.

In the horizon the sun sets behind the city.

And everything was lovely.

Stopped by a mall to pee. haha.

And take pictures.

Of the beautiful lanterns.

We met this cute Japanese boy.

Outside, a shadow of the park.

We watched a movie. But not the Lego movie.

See you soon winter!


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