Cardinal Tagle visits Fordham University

The Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Cardinal Luis Tagle visited Fordham University to receive his Honorary Degree. Of course, Filipinos all over the city came in full force to welcome and celebrate mass with him.  Some of us helped out in the mass and the coat check. And when we got bored, we did what we do best - pose.

I didn't get to take pictures during the mass because we were running around most of the time.

Here's everyone looking dapper and nice.

Fr. President passed by and Juls took a picture with him.

And so did Mich. Hello freshies! haha.

Oscar came as the mayor. And shook hands.

With his constituents.

Then this happened. I don't know why. 

The Ambassador.

I'm obviously bad with people's names. 

But he was really cool and friendly.

Here's more of everyone. 

And here are the boys.

Obviously not a lot of people were checking their coats.




Ask Chuck.

Hello Mayor Oka!

Of course we had to get our picture with the main man, which wasn't so easy since he was very popular and every one wanted a picture with him.




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