Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visit

Every year, come spring time, I always make plans to see the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. They're supposed to be amazing. And every year my laziness and aversion to huge crowds win over and I end up staying home, eating Chinese food and binge watching survivor.

And so far, every time I miss the one in D.C. I end up going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden just to be able to say I took pictures of cherry blossom trees There's not a lot but that doesn't diminish their beauty in any way. 

And for the first time in five months, I'm wearing shorts!

There were so many people which made it even hotter (and not the good kind of hot.)

Living in a city with four seasons make you appreciate the small things like wearing shorts outdoors after months of being buried under layers of coats and jackets.


Apparently, everyone in the entire city was there too.

Looking at these pictures now just reminds me of how truly pretty those blossoms are and why I keep wanting to see them.

And that's good because while I was there it was really hard to appreciate anything because it was so freaking hot.

On a side note, my camera is driving me nuts with that oil spot. I have to get it fixed but it pains me to be away from it for a long time.

Also, please forgive my many selfies.

Fountain by the entrance.

And further proof that it's already spring, flowers!

And more flowers!

I think this is supposed to be some sort of art work nest. But what do I know. And yes, I rarely read labels.

So many people. It's crowds like these that make me want to go home and read a book. Sorry, introvert.

The lake by the Japanese garden.

Looking at these pictures make me sweat. haha. But still, prettiness.

I think I lost a few hundred calories with that short trip so I had to eat some Chinese food.

It's so unhealthy, it's really good. 


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