Bon Voyage Leonard

Leonard was my JVP partner in 2005. Our partnership and friendship has come a long way. He's about to leave for Copenhagen so this might be one of our last dinners in a while. Who knows maybe the next one will be in Europe?

Before dinner, Leonard and I walked around the mall to buy things we need for our journeys.

Here I am looking very happy with my suit. Thank you generous friend. :D 

 Here's Lenny figuring out our orser. He's so OC he actually wrote our orders down on his iPAD.

Still ordering.

Hey Jet.

I also met her in JVP. She was assigned in Palawan.

Apparently she also sells watches when she's not working in GK.

Crispy catfish salad. Yum.

 Pad Thai Noodles!

Broccoli and Mushroom! 

Rotti and Curry

Whispering? I don't even know.

Squid stuffed with ground pork and cheese.

Jet's bayong.

Practicing our faces. Except for Leonard.

Something/one smells.

Then we had coffee at Dome. Well, they did. I was too sick to even drink coffee.

I've been reduced to taking profile pictures for facebook.

Leonard and is iPAd.

I will miss you partner! ingat!


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