Hataw sa Bolinao! (Part 3)

The sun continued to set on Day 1 of our Bolinao trip. We ate, prayed and the next day played with some of the kids and met with some really inspiring people. 

A part of me wishes my childhood were spent near the sea.

So my friends and I can play on boats and maybe uhm, clean the water.

Hey Pao, all set to fly?

Taichi still.

Pipo's back.

Tap dance?

Can't get over the Taichi huh?

Just to prove that I was there too.

I'm sitting like this because I have a rip in my pants and I'm scared I'd get exposed.haha.

Genhouse sans Nikkoy!

And the sun continued to set.

It was beautiful.

It was majestic.

It was magnificent.

It was amazing.

Pass me the thesaurus.


Still, the sun doing its thing.

Looking as great as ever.

Good job, sun.

David and yeah cliche...

Still doing great sun!

More cliche photos.

Pipo, the boys scout of photographs.

Ahhh Dom Perignon

Bishop's pretty happy with the food and wine.

Tito Manny and Bebot loves dogs.

Where we spent most of our eating time.

During mass.

Then we practiced for our session with the kids who were also the Church sacristan.

We introduced ourselves.

By showing our, uhm, unique talents like bend our fingers in the most brutal of ways.

Then we sang.

While Pipo played the guitar.

The kids were very cooeprative.

Pao taught the choreography.

Then we read the word of life.

And played games!

Agawang panyo!

We had a blast!

Last part coming up!


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