San Mariano One More Time (Part 2)

And we're back to photoblogging business. Day 2 of our Mindoro/closure trip included a trip to the beach and a lot of eating. Of course. 

There's Ms. Mina! She's really one of the people I admire the most. 

Jiza, one of the JVPs I admire the most.

And here's Jo-ed. He's also admirable in his own way. hahaha.

Dianne and Gjay!

Aloysius. The kid who barely smiles. 

This kid could live in the water.

Some of the Farm School teachers.

Fishing Boat.

C'mon! Aloysius!

Then we had this giant fish. It fed around 15 people.

Smaller fish but just as delicious.

Blue team!

I wish my childhood was like this.

Hey dog.

Even the animals seemed laidback.

Shy kids.

Fierce poser.


Finally there's Pearl! This girl is crazy funny!

Gjay, her shades and the ocean.

Nikko and 32!

Pearl doing a Cory.

Hey Gemmo.

JVP + Beach =


And wacky poses.

Jiza and Aloysius.

Gemmo and his emo moments. 

Still Diving.

Alpha and her hair.

See you in Part 3!


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