Hataw sa Bolinao! (Part 1)

The housemates and I went to Bolinao last weekend. It was tiring fun. We left Friday at 1230 am. I woke up in Bolinao, in front of the Church. Then the real fun ( the one where I'm actually awake) started!

We hanged out on the convent's balcony while waiting for breakfast.

Pao played with the dogs. He loves dogs.

There's Father Jem, the parish priest.

And Tito Manny! He drove for 5 hours. 

Pao, still with the dogs. 

I like the old architecture and feel of the convent. See the capiz windows?

And the dogs are at it.

Even the lights are old. 

Hey Tito Bebot! He takes care of us in the house. 

Hey Pipo! 

And Pao has gone to the dogs.

And the light falls dramatically inside

See how the light falls on Pao. 

Pipo looks stunned. 

Look at these cabinet doors! 

This kid is so pretty.

She knows her angles.


The camera loves her.

She loves the camera!

This window is fantastic! 

Look at the shadow! 

And the light! 

And the kid! 

And Pipo just had  to butt in.

This kid is fierce.

Pao answering a call.

Still can't get over how cute this kid is!

kid+window = awesome!

Even Pao looked fierce framed by this window!

So guess who tried it next? 

After that impromptu photoshoot we went to the beach.

There's the Bishop of Pampanga who also came to visit Fr. Jem and his parish.

Red rice and fish. Now I'm hungry again.

Tito Manny talking politics.

Down on the beach, the kids enjoyed the water.

The adults being all serious. 

Watch out for Part 2


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