Walang Hanggang Paalam : JVP Office Edition

Barbecu and Paella! What I love about being in the office is the food! We always seem to be celebrating something. IT's like a Gossip Girl or The OC episodes where there's always some party going on. And you ask yourself don't these people have anything better to do. Then you realize that you watch because of the crazy weekly parties because you have no life and the characters on TV have become your close friends.But uhm I digress.

In the afternoon I found myself in UP doing nothing. These days, that happens a lot.

I ate my salad in silence.

But before that, this happened.

Thank you National Office!

This paella is evilly delicious.

So rich, so deadly.

I was literally dizzy.

Hey kuya rez the bez!

Janette nanet!

Too bad I don't drink softdrinks.

Mama glenn turning a leather jacket gay with a scarf.




Bagong ligo look!


I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Martin. He was beside me the whole time at hindi kaya ng lens ko ang ganun kalapit. 

But really thank you :D I have an upcoming post on how it's been like as POVS. So this blog is about to get a splash of emoness :D


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