San Mariano, One More Time (Part 1)

It's going to be one long goodbye. It's a time for tying up loose ends. And so I went to Mindoro with Jiza and Jo-ed to visit the current volunteers and to, ahem, visit myself. hahahaha. But seriously, San Mariano has always been very special to me and I'm glad I got to visit one last time.

I was late by 10 minutes so we missed the bus, then the supercat , also by 10 minutes, and we had to wait for the next trip.

This is what one should look like should the boat sink and we have to jump off.

Hey Jo-ed!

And Jiza!

We were so hungry from the 6 hour trip that we just had to have lomi, and uhm, spaghetti. Perfect combination!

Posted on Gjay and April's door.

Lesson Plan!

Guess what?

The light fell beautifully.

Ms. Mina! Jo-ed and Jiza's supervisor.

April was really excited to see us. She was screaming her lungs off.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Jiza with Ambay, her inaanak in the area.


Doing his homework, good job! 

Then it was dinner time. 

Ms. Mina made leche flan for us! it was so yummy.

And there's Gemmo.

Chel, one of the teachers.

The rest of the staff. Hey Alpha and her glittered, pink head band.

Guess who got drunk?

Well, not me. I just look like this all the time.

Jiza couldn't be any happier.

Videoke time! 

Alpha took this one!

Who knew Ms. Mina had other talents.


Manang! Manang cooks for the entire school everyday. She's really wonderful.

Tukso Layuan Mo akooooo....

To be continued.


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