Walang Hanggang Paalam: Focolare Edition PArt 2

The party continued. :D Side story. The night before Pipo came home at 5am from work. It turns out he overtimed work he could've done the next day so he could be present at the despedida. All together now: "AWWWWW". But seriously thank you to everyone. To Kat and the housemates who organized. To those who cooked, brought food, performed and was simply there. Thank you. Di kayang maipaliwanag ang pagmamahal at pasasalamat na naguumapaw sa puso ko para sa lahat. So much kindness and love should only beget more of the same. Thank you. Uno Sempre!

Everyone was laughing at Cocoy's uhm show of gayness.

Len captured the whole thing on her cellphone.

Kat on her ipad:D

On the side, Pao practiced.

Becking becky!

Pao with Beejay!

Pao sang "Sana Maulit muli" hahaha.

Len and her rung.

Then a dance off!

Pao said some uhm kind words.


Then the girls sang me a song.

Hahaha. Hindi ko na kaya. Nakakaoverwhelm.

Tita Risa and Tito SerJ spoke. I love these two. Sobrang idol ko sila both as individuals and as a couple. I really want to be like them when I grow up -kind, loving, generous, and God-fearing.

Thank you Tita and Tito.

It was time for groups shots!

Pao doing some fierceness.

Our gen unit!

Me with the girls and Pipo!

Me with the de los Angeles family.

Me with the Arco.

With Archie and Annalyn who's about to get married this year.
With Archie and

Still with the girls who toured our house. And Pao.

With the Asperer siblings.


Noel! Kailan na tayo magpapatattoo.

Then it was time for goodbye.

Inside though  the party continued.

Pao having his moment.

Housemates in the, uhm, house?!

PAo the star.

While we remained blurred.

Richly played some songs.


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