Walang Hanggang Paalam: Marbel Students Edition

3 weeks. Because I don't have the resources to visit my former JVP area in Marbel and emo myself out, I just called on some of my former students who are here in Manila. Most of them live in the south area so we had to meet in SM Mall of Asia. Thus I took a bus, fell asleep and woke up in front of a giant mall covering my view of the sun set.

Here are 3 of them - Randy, Adrian and Lenuel.

Randy works in Chowking.

The street beside the Manila Bay was filled with families looking for cheap weekend thrills.

Then it started to get dark because of the rain.

We did get a few seconds of light, but no sun.

I'd like to say eww, but I'm a little jealous actually.

Oops sorry Madelyn.

There you go.

Then we headed to A Veneto for dinner.

They're so grown up.

I was their adviser when they were 2nd year high school. Now they're working!

Madelyn is still finishing her studies.

Lenuel is training to be a seafarer. 

Adrian is still finishing his studies.

Pretty eyes.

I can just live on these. Chilli and Cheese.

Then we decided to wait for the fireworks.

Left my camera with them for a while.

And they took shots of themselves.

When I got back there still wasn't any fireworks.

So we took more shots.

Waited some more.


Atleast the streets were pretty at night.

Then we realized that it was a Sunday and there wasn't ging to be any fireworks display.

So we went to the playground.

We took shots around the fountain.

The fountain was photogenic.

Para na ring firework.

Leg up pose!

Thanks Adrian!

I should also have a leg up pose. It's the in thing apparently.

Then the fountain show began.

And it was just like fireworks.

I know how you feel kid.

I should just start a Walang Hanggang Paalam series. :D


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