You fit into me...

So this blog is alive again. For some reason I'm allowed to post pics again for free! Thanks blogspot!

The past few months  have put me through the most surreal adventure yet. But it'll take a lot of time and words, so let's save that for another entry. Suffice to say that today I got my visa. Shared the rest of the afternoon with my Pancake House family. It's good to be back!

So we ate at Pancake House. 

We had our usual dessert of choco marble waffle peanut butter - just typing that makes me hungry.yummm!

Hey Maricar!

Again, yum

Snark Attack

Seriously, this conversation wasn't as serious as it looks. Hey Ma'am Rica!


I love Maricar's smiles!

And Eva! Long time no see. Finally.

Mam gave me 3 dollars. Just because. I love you Mam!

Coni's Manang Bola ring!

Walking to Ateneo.

Reminds me of Flamenco dancers.

Apparently I love taking pictures of people's backsides.


 Those trees are wonderful.

Mams secretary at ALIWW

 Fresh for a change. Joke lang!

And of course we had tea. We're classy that way.

 After tea, the next logical activity was a tour of the Art Gallery, of course.

This is art?

A lot of times we pretended to care...

But mostly we just wanted to run around and enjoy the beauty of it all!

Hey I think this is our first picture after a long while.

My favorite! Jeepneys :D

I don't even know.

Eva's tattoo: "You fit into me/like a hook in the eye//a fish hook/an open eye - M. Atwood


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