JVP Shoot 2

This is Cristalle Belo. Yes, some JVPs do look like that. hahaha. She heads a line of beauty products so she has to. But really, Cristalle is one of the loveliest people I know, both inside and out. And what a lovely house too! Saktong art gallery lang.

This is the hallway that's line with paintings. They even have bulbs on the floor to properly light the art works. 

The living room.

I'll probably run out of things to say about the paintings because there's just too many and they're all lovely.

I saw a work in the ADMU gallery that has a similar theme and style as this one. I'm pretty sure it's from the same artist.

This one is by Anita Magsaysay-Ho

This is by one of my favorites, Ang Kiukok.

Another Ang Kiukok. I love how he plays with lines.

This one's under the stairs. I guess they don't have a place for it anymore.

Test shots.

Test shot with PJ.

After her dance rehearsal, Talle started preparing.  We were expecting a quick simple shoot.

But then, this happened.

As it turns out, she now has a personal stylist - for EVERYTHING.

We practiced poses. Cristalle really knows her angles.

Maybe I should I get my own stylist, you know, uhm, for groceries.:D

And we started.

Yes, she's breath taking.

What can I say.

She's fierce.

And she knows where to find her light.

inside. joke lang.

Apparently the dogs have taken up modeling too.

Here they are, doing my favorite emo pose.

The one where your back is turned t the camera.


Smyzing again!


Work that Tubaw girl

Trying out some crazy poses.

Then she was off to some more events.

I guess what we want to show with JV ads having Talle and Nicky as models is that JVPs can be anywhere and become anyone they wish to be after. They can be teachers or heads of their own companies and still be JVPs who live out the core values of Service, Social Justice, Solidarity, Simplicity and Spirituality.


  1. i adore the shoes!!! pang anghel!!!

    great photoessay again, nikko, galing! :)

  2. bongga no? hahahaha. salamat ate eds! :D


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