San Mariano One More Time (Part 3)

This is the last set of photos from our San Mariano trip.I wonder how it will look like a couple of years from now?

Aloysius, Gjay and me!

Aloysius took this photo.


Some of the teachers played chess.

One of the rare times that this boy smiled.

Sir Pong!

Dianne taking pictures!

Ate hosted our lunch for us!

Finally Jo-ed and Jiza got back from visiting their students.

It began to grow dark.

The wind was strong apparently.

B30 and 31!

One day I'm going to retire in this, with internet.

Then we had burgers.

And fries!

Then we had dinner.

And leche flan for dessert!

Group shot!

calm before the wacky storm.

I love that even Ms. Mina was doing wacky poses.

Girls room.

 I just had to take a few shots of the farm school.

 The air's so clean!

 And everything's so green.

I love this old building.

Jiza and Alpha.

with some of the students.

I'll miss you Aloysius!

Fall in San Mariano!

I love these petals!

And Jiza began her goodbyes.

The mass was sponsored by the school.

Then Jo-ed said his goodbyes.

One last picture with Alpha.

Outside the church.

I love you Ms Mina!

Another group shot!



Go Farm School!

We ate buffet for lunch.

And touristy shots at the pier.

And we're back in the city.


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