Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hataw sa Bolinao! (Part 2)

Day 2 of our Bolinao trip found us hanging around the sea a lot. Too bad I didn't have the energy to swim. Perhaps I should be taking this opportunity at swimming since I won't be here for quite some time. Still, it was all good.

Pao and Bebot hanging out.

Gen house with the boss.

Of course we wanted a shot with the ocean.

Ha! I'm fat. 

Look at all the fishies.

Bebot loves to travel.

This is my favorite in the playground. I could spend hours on this one. If only I'm not too big for it.

Pipo looking confused.

Then we went around the resort. There was a mini zoo with a lot of birds.

Angry bird, calling people ugly. Ikaw na maganda!

I think this is a cockatoo.

And this is a tikbalang. That's big leaf you've got there Mr.

Poor Ostrich. It's dying for a bath and for some food. It's dying.


I adore black pigs. Especially the little ones.

The little ones go out of their cage every now and then to visit the deer cages. hahaha.

I don't know what this is.

Nor this.

Pipo in the house.

I'm sorry. I'm really bad with names. I'll  edit this once I remember.

Pao was the only one not lazy enough to go down the water.

I think it was all worth it.

Pao sitting comfortably.

Pretending to not notice the camera.

And yet looking fierce.

I wish I had gone. 

IT's a moss dining set!

That's the church. thanks Pipo. almost missed it.

And there's the convent.

Apparently this Church was built even before Magellan came. I can't even digest that information.

And sunset.

We decided to explore the town and ended up back in the ocean.

It was lovely.

Apparently Pipo's a frustrated hiphop rapper.

I don't even know.

Some Asian martial art form.

See you in Part 3!

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