JVP Shoot

The other day we visited two former JVPs - Nicky de Lange and Crisalle Belo for a photoshoot. We needed the photos for posters. It was a fun day of art, furniture, passion and, unexpectedly, fashion.

First we went to Casa Ligna, home of Designs Ligna, to meet with its President, Nicky de Lange.

He wasn't there yet but this Shellf was. I died. I. want. this.

Because he was running late. PJ and I explored Reposo.

mural daw sabi ni erika :D

good job!

This one, I don't get.

Then we went into this building that's home to several furniture and art shops.

Fountain at the entrance.

This is just lovely.

Made of metal, but it seemed so light and airy.

See how big it is!

This place is so artsy.

Even the parking lots have art.

Back in Casa Ligna, we explored some more!

Ah shelf. Someday.

The TV cabinet is awesome.

I have a thing for trunks so this is one of my favorites.

Test shots with PJ.

We couldn't resist taking a pic with the shellf.

Finally Nicky arrived!

We immediately started shooting.

We went upstairs and I found the bed I want to wake up in all the days of my life.

Nicky showed us this genius bed which also turns into a boat.


We took some more shots.

The place is really lovely.

One day bed. one day.

Not my taste, but still pretty.

This reminds me of home.

My mom loves orchids.

Nicky and PJ.

Then off we went to Dasma to visit Cristalle.

Unexpectedly she looked like this because she was rehearsing for a television show.

More to come!


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