Last June, I went home to  Tarlac for a week. That's the longest I've been home in quite some time. It involved some depressing carnival, a lot of food and a lot of significant junk.

There was a carnival. Outside, it looked so fun. Inside, there was barely anyone but the gamblers. It was almost empty.

Noel and I thought it would be  a good idea to have a photo walk at night.

There were some kids, but even they looked dismayed. 

What is a bird on a stick if it's not ridden?

Love the glasses.

And the lights!

Noel had hotdog.

 There was this cute kid beside our table.

Don't wory, I asked permission from his parents.

Still empty.

Noel's a professional photographer. He's really good.

Still, more hotdogs.

I tried out his camera. It was heavy.

Ah finally. People.

Then we walked away towards the plaza. 

In my hometown, everyone's a homebody as you can see. 

Then we decided to have some beer. 

The ever reliable T-ice. 

And mushrooms.

Would I get punched in Bronx wearing this?

That night I slept with this outside my window. IT's like we never turned off the lights.

The next day I decided to take pictures around the house. So I'd always remember.

My lola's camera shy. 

Fake pretty flowers.


Also, I got to read some books! 

Buddy's friends!

And eat.

Armed against nightmares.

My mom. Loveya!

More  food.

Visit my aunt's diner at the local mall! Food's really good and cheap.

I also got to visit the Church. 

Artificially colored birds!

The town at day.

And tupig!

I also visited my old high school. Here's Dominic Savio! 

Here's Don Bosco with Savio. 

One of the small town malls suffering the existence of SM.

Cheap giant pizza! 

I pretended to work. 

Then we had halo-halo. 

I swear, you should try this one! It's the best :D

Buddy and Popoy.

Buddy and family! hahaha.


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