The best people to talk to when traveling


When traveling, I often find myself in awkward situations with people. And this is to no fault of any of the people I meet along the way. It's just that I'm really socially awkward when I first meet people. 2 things can happen. First I'll blabber on in the hopes of them not noticing how awkward I feel or second I'll freeze and be unable to say a single word.

What I have realized is that whenever I myself in situations or place like these the best people to talk to are the kids. I am never awkward with kids because they are always welcoming and fun. Even when we don't speak the same language, it doesn't matter. There are other ways to communicate. They'll at something they wanna show me or make hand signals. Sometimes we'd play games or just make faces.

I remember this one time while visiting a volunteer, I was left with some free time. The adults wouldn't talk to me because they were a little intimidated by this strange boy with a camera. So I started talking with the kids and playing games with them. I think eventually the adults saw that I could be trusted and we began talking little by little.

Oh kids. I think when we grow up we begin to carry a lot of unnecessary baggage that hinders us from doing important things in life. Kids are a good reminder that there are far simpler ways to go about living life.


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