Brooklyn Bridge/ Battery Park

I grew up watching American shows (colonial mentality, I know.) And if you're anything like me then you must have seen the Brookly Bridge a million times featured in establishing shots of shows set in NYC.  I never realized until much later how deeply imbedded in my head is that picture of the Brooklyn Bridge over the Hudson River. And so every time I get the chance to visit this bridge, it's almost cathartic.

The last time I was there was when Nikko and Claudia came for a visit. We weren't able to meet up as early as planned but I didn't mind the wait since I loved this bridge. Just standing there, with a great view of the city, while people-watching was just the perfect way to start the morning. If I had a choice, I'd want to live near the bridge and jog there everyday.

I have yet to see the bridge at night, but they say it's lovely. There's one thing to add to my list when I get back.

After our brief stop at the Brooklyn Bridge, we went to Battery Park. This is where you go if you want to ride the ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty.

Here are the pics:

Imagine having this view while jogging.



< DSC_0942


DSC_0945 br />

< DSC_0950 br />

Finally, Nikko and Claudia came.

< DSC_0953 It was very chilly that morning.

< DSC_0954 br />

< DSC_0957
You can fit 2 NikkoYs in that jacket! hehe.

< br />

< DSC_0962 br />

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< DSC_0978 Then we took the subway.

< DSC_0979 Someone is pooped.

< DSC_0980
Planning their itinerary.

< DSC_0982At Battery Park we saw this statue.

< DSC_0983 br />

Of course, Claudia just had to pose with it.

< DSC_0986From afar, Lady Liberty.

< DSC_0987 br />

< DSC_0988 br />

I think that this was previously located at the twin towers.

We didn't really know if we should smile. But we were happy to be there.

This is almost the last post for this visit. One more and we're done!


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