What I miss about Fordham University

I'm supposed to be studying Arabic right now. But what the heck. I just came from a 4 hour class worth of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial, I could really use a break. Or a large size pizza. But since I've just eaten 2 falafel, I'll just take a break by doing some writing.

I remember my first few days in NYC, someone asked me if the city was as glamorous as shown in TV a.k.a Gossip Girl. If you know that I live in the Bronx, which is like a whole  new country compared to Manhattan, then you already know the answer.

It would be wonderful though if all I did in between papers and classes was to hop in and out of Manhattan bars and theaters. Sadly that is not the case.

Whenever I'm not in class, I work at the Theater and Visual Arts Department of Fordham. Getting to work in that kind of environment is a gift in itself. Imagine being bombarded with graphs, numbers and equations everyday. You'd go crazy.

Working in the Department gives me the kind of respite I need from all the academic hailstorm. I love working here because not only is my boss the kindest, most generous man, but I'm also surounded by creativity and beauty. There was once a time when I wanted to be an artist myself. I may still try to get in touch with that side of mine one of these days. I'm thinking of doing a 30 day sketching challenge. But we'll see.

In any case, just take a look at the pictures and see what I get to experience everyday.


These are artworks by students. Many of them are really talented.

These were made by architecture students.


From the collage classes.


I think the idea behind this, was to magnify any part of the chosen subject.


From the photography students. I've always wanted to sit in on one of their classes. Maybe next semester.


This is the field across the building where I work. You know that summer is almost here when the students start lounging around the field.

Keating Hall.



Back to my Arabic!


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