Morsi Wins


The streets are filled with people waving flags, screaming and rejoicing. The bridge over the Nile is crawling with people drinking tea and talking about the day's events. Cars beep their horns, for once, in a celebratory mood.  Truly, it is a good time to be in Egypt.

Morsi, the popular candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood, won the first democratic elections as President of Egypt. Many are relieved because this means that Shafiq, who represents Mubarak's party, lost. This is a new beginning for Egypt, an opportunity to move away from the mistakes of the past - from a dictatorship that lasted 30 years -  and towards a more stable future.

At the same time, everyone is holding their breath, watching Morsi's every move. The Muslim Brotherhood is perceived to be a conservative group which believes that Islam should be part of everyone's daily life, including the way politics is run.

Liberals are afraid that with Morsi winning, Egypt will have lost any steps it's made towards progress and modernization. Only time will tell.

For now we rejoice. For now we rest. Ashufak Bukran Masr.

P.S. I've been reading comments in reports by CNN, and seriously, what the hell? People, stop equating Islam with violence or terrorism. Come here and see how you're wrong. Dead wrong. Stop believing that hope is exclusive to non-Christian groups.  Stop thinking that you're better than of these people outside your context. Stop making assumptions about what's good or not for Egypt or any other country other than yours. Live and let live. 


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