Malaybalay, Miarayon Bukidnon

(Why am I doing this again?See here.)
Bukidnon is one of my favorite spots in the Philippines. And that's saying a lot considering I'm more of a beach person. ( see this, this and this.) There's something about Bukidnon that just makes me want to build a nest there and plant pineapples. Maybe its the cool weather or the fact that it's not as crowded as Baguio or Tagaytay. Maybe its the people who're so friendly they're bound to make a jaded city dweller check if they're not up to something. Or maybe it's the beauty of its mountains and trees. Or maybe, and most likely, it's the presence of the Jesuits and the work that they do among the community.

The school, St. Therese of Miarayon, has been consisten in providing good education to the poorest students who've got so much to offer. A couple of years ago, Melai and Raph was sent there to work as Scienc and English teachers. The combination of the beauty of the place, the people and the work that's being accomplished there makes me hope that one day I can go back. If you're ever in the area, don't forget to check out Malaybalay and Miarayon. 

Here are the pictures.

Taken from the bus stop. I have a thing for clouds.

From Malaybalay, one will have to take a 3 hour jeepney ride to Kibanghay (is that right). From there, you will have to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle that can fit up to 6 people by extending the backseat with a wooden plank.) for an hour or so up the rocky montains. It's not the safest means of transportation, and your face gets windburned from the cold wind, but I love it because you get to have an awesome view of mountains and valleys as you ride along.

Finally Miarayon. This is a bag given to JVP teachers, thanks to Ate TQ.

Here's Raf in action with his students.

I heart Mia. hahaha.

View from the classroom. Obviously, someone got distracted and wasn't paying attention.

Melai at work!

Kat, who was assigned in CDO joined me to visit her batchmates over the weekend!

Here, the students are preparing for their prom by making heart-shaped decor from colored paper!

Melai and Raf.

with the other teachers!

Maybe I should have one of these in my apartment in the Bronx. hahaha. Guess who's get punched in the face next?

I really miss this! Cheesedog junk food! (It's cheese covered chips shaped like a hotdog -cheese dog!)

On my way down.

If you go down from Miarayon early in the morning, you get to have an awesome view of the sunrise!

We had our little R and R during my first visit in Malaybaly. This is a must-visit every time I'm in Malaybalay. It's a church run by monks on top of a hill.

I miss doing jump-shots! hahaha. I hope I get to meet someone here or in NY who's also into jump shots. haha.

And Amor was there too!

Pagbigyan niyo na.

And here, the crazy starts with Amor.

I miss wearing that cross.

hahaha. so, so fake.


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