Why I love Travelling...

There are a million reasons to love travelling. But one of my absolute favorites is that you get to experience coming home. And that is truly one of the most joyful experiences - to be back where everything is familiar, to be in the company of friends. To be home.

This is Coni and Ma'am Rica. Back home, we would have regular "impromptu" lunches to talk about our many adventures in life, love, work and family. I miss these girls.

When I last saw them, we met once more at Pancake House, our regular lunch place. Again, we talked about why Coni is still single and how she can be romantic, liberated and prudish at the same time (hahaha, kidding coni), about how ma'am Rica is still the most awesome teacher, mother, artist etc (because truly, this woman holds many titles and wears many hats).

I say to you, one of the joys of travelling is coming home to know that nothing and everything has changed. And everything is alright with the world. 


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