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Oh, I kid. I just can't get over how pretty the desert and the pyramids are. I would love to go back, but I have a growing list of things I want to do and places I want to visit in Egypt. Let's see which ones I'll be able to check off by the end of the summer

1. Climb Mt. Sinai and watch the sunrise

2. Take a dip in the red sea.

3. Spend the night in the White Desert.

4. Go to Alexandria.

5. Visit the Valley of Kings.

6. Go to Luxor.

7. Go to Aswan. 

8. See the hanging Mosque.

9. Take a Felucca Ride by the Nile

10. Visit Coptic Cairo. 

Any more suggestions? 


  1. Gusto ko gawin mo lahat! Hehehe :D But if you had to pick a top 3, I vote for Valley of the Kings, Coptic Cairo, and Alexandria!

  2. I'm going to Coptic Cairo tomorrow! and to Alexandria next month! So feeling ko may budget pa ko for 2 major travels. I'm thinking of doing sinai and the white desert!!! hahaha.


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