By the River Nile

Sunset by the Nile

Tonight the people of Egypt have gathered and divided themselves into 2 groups. One in Nasr City in

support of Shafiq, the other in Tahrir Square in support of Mosri. Tomorrow is uncertain. The future of Egypt is unncertain. Uncertain but not hopeless. Never hopeless. 

By the River Nile

The sky bleeds 
fire as figures turn into shadow and
into a haze of what they once were

(dust and decay,
buildings and bridges,
mosques and masters
reasons and rivers.)

The sky bleeds
red, orange and now black.
Everything is shadow.
Everything is drowned

in the bleeding night.

Everything is the river
Everything is the night 
that bleeds the Nile,
Everything is the Nile
that bleeds the night. 

(Ashufak bukra Misr)


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