Visiting the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum's collection of pharoic artifacts is astounding in its enormity and extensiveness. It is not an exaggeration when I say that the Museum is brimming with historical artifacts. The place is literally littered with art pieces, statues, coffins, pottery and jewelry. The museum does not have enough space or pedestal to contain the richness of Egypt's history so precious objects can be seen lying on the floor or leaning randomly on walls. Someone with OCD might find it stressful to walk around in such a seemingly disorganized museum, but one cannot deny its importance and impressiveness.

Unfortunately cameras are not allowed so I have no pictures to show. I can, however, give you several advice.

1. For foreigners, the fee is 60LE (1USD = 6 LE). If you're a student then you only have to pay 30 LE. But be sure to have an ID or solid proof that you are a student to avail of the discount.

2. You're not allowed to bring a camera, so might as well leave that at home otherwise you'll be asked to leave it at the bag check and you don't want that kind of hassle.

3. Don't bring a huge back pack or you'll also have to leave it at the baggage counter.

4. At the entrance of the museum and on other points in the museum, you will be approached by tour guides. You may or may not avail of their service. I myself prefer going around on my own. I like to have the time to be with my thoughts and my environment.

5. Most of the museum is not air-conditioned, so it does get very hot. As in most parts of Egypt, it would be best to wear comfortable and cool clothes while walking around the museum.

6. If you're the type to stop at each artifact, then prepare to spend a whole day of walking. Otherwise just speed it up and stop at the more impressive artifacts.

7. Bring a bottle of water. There are some shops that sell food and water on the museum grounds but they're bound to be more expensive.

8. Enjoy!!! Everything is amazing. You will have to wonder at how advanced the ancient Egyptians were. I mean, they were wearing gold slippers, necklaces and earrings, burying their dead in ornately designed coffins inside towering pyramids in the middle of the desert.

And if you're wondering if it's safe to travel to Cairo right now, I'd say yes. But as in any other country, you have to be responsible for yourself and have some street smarts when travelling in a foreign country. So come on over and be amazed!!


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