Paper Cranes and Christmas Lanterns

One of the best things about studying in NYC is that I get to have a diverse set of friends. I learn so much from each one of them. Take Brittany for example. She throws regular parties for our class in her apartment. She tries to make each party different. For Christmas she brought out colored papers and made us do Christmas lanterns and Cranes. As you can see, I did pretty well on the cranes. As for the lantern...

Well you be the judge. I think Brittany could have tried harder. I'm embarrassed for her. I mean, just look at mine next to hers. Mine is practically a work of art.

MOMA, give me a call. I might consider having you hang this next to the Van Gogh. MIGHT.

Anyway, the point of this post is that there are many different ways to entertain guests in every place I've been too. So just go on and have fun!


  1. Paper lanterns can add a warm, festive touch to your Christmas decorations. Any decoration that symbolizes light will be a welcome addition to the season, which is celebrated during the darkest part of the year.


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